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WordPress has a feature in which you can see which search phrases came up with my blog as a possible website of relevance.  Here are a few of the more interesting searching I’ve seen…

-“pre teen girl in swimsuit” (talk about a creeper– I don’t even want to KNOW why they were looking for this)

-“i am a nerd” (Someone is apparently having a few issues and is trying to use google as a social outlet or something.)

-“my clarinet teacher is really mean” (Looking for help?  Get a new teacher.)

-“world of warcraft valentin days chest” (It’s in the cave!)

-“no doubt sad for me clarinet” (Hip-hop, emo, and classical music, all thrown into one search phrase!  Amazing!)

Anyway, that’s about all I could find.  They’re pretty great.  Anyway, it’s late.  I’m just procrastinating walking back upstairs to my room.  I’m exhausted!


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