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Just a few random thoughts

So, it snowed again today.  On April 12th.  I’m beginning to think somebody around here is praying hard for snow, and I’d like to find them and ask them to pray me a summer job, ’cause that would be AWESOME.

I have also determined that being a musician is kind of like having schizophrenia–You have some lucid moments, and the more you take your medication and practice, the more frequent those lucid moments become.

I was also sitting around eating ramen the other day and began wondering… If you get the beef flavoring of ramen from cows, chicken from chickens, pork from pigs, where do you get the oriental flavoring?

I was recently talking to my boyfriend about his yearly camping trips he does with his family, and trying to convince him that I don’t like camping.  Pondering on why I don’t like camping, I came to the conclusion that the only reason I really don’t like camping (I don’t mind not showering, sleeping in a sleeping bag) is simply this: I like toilets.

That is all.  All of these are thoughts I have had the past little while and do not feel like making one entire post per thought.  And I still refuse to get a Twitter account.  Silly, silly twitter…


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