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Awkward acting

So, this evening, I attended a production of The Mikado put on by my university’s music department. I was actually supposed to be IN the show but declined due to the realization that it would bring me little to no joy throughout the process and in fact would NOT give me friends. Anyway, that’s beside the point. What IS the point is that I HATE “actor voices.” And what I hate even more is a decent character with a BAD British accent that ranges from about five areas of the UK and other nearby areas, including Utahn, especially when NOBODY ELSE is using a fake British accent. I mean, come on… Just because you can say a FEW words with a fake accent around friends does NOT mean you can do it on stage. Especially if you’re from Utah. Also JUST because you got to see and talk to The King’s Singers a few days previous doesn’t mean you’re well-versed in the nuances of the language– and yes, I do categorize it as a different language. Sometimes I just can’t understand anything they’re saying, partially because it’s just so much nicer to listen to than the “happy valley” accent.

Anyway, that’s it for this two in the morning rant. ūüėÄ


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Planning a wedding

So, guess what, internet… I’m planning a wedding.¬† For myself.¬† Because I’m engaged.¬† I figured you should know.¬† So I think I’ll share some of my thoughts on planning a wedding, specifically in Utah.

I recently printed out a checklist of all the things I have to do before I get married.¬† It’s a long list, but we’ve been working on cutting out things we don’t need.¬† Like a wedding coordinator.¬† Why would we need someone to tell us what we want for our wedding (which will be in a free venue, mind you–a huge perk to LDS-dom–in a beautiful, pre-decorated castle), and what we want our decor to be in our also-free reception venues (two receptions, one south, one north Utah).¬† In this day of the internet, where I can find all the ideas I need (and some I don’t need) for this stuff, what would be the point to pay someone to look on the internet for me?

Another thing I’ve crossed off because we don’t need it?¬† Bridesmaids.¬† For an LDS wedding, there’s not a huge procession where all the women involved have to wear matching dresses.¬† In all reality, I don’t see a point in having bridesmaids except to pose for a few pictures wearing dresses that are only flattering on 50% of the girls (unless you were part of the “popular” crowd, where all of the girls you would ask to be your bridesmaids were carbon copies of each other.¬† This is probably what my insane roommate’s wedding will look like, however.¬† I believe she is also engaged.¬† Although, I haven’t had occasion to ask, or even talk to her.¬† But that’s beside the point.¬† In fact, I don’t even know if I’ll find a maid of honor.¬† I’ll probably just have my mother help me out.¬† I can’t imagine asking one of my few female friends to do it–I’m not necessarily close enough with any of them to ask anyway.¬† I can’t imagine any of them WANTING that kind of responsibility on my behalf.¬† It just seems very silly when I have a mother and myself who are both very capable of taking care of ourselves and this occasion…¬† Although, this may mean I will likely have the tamest-ever bridal shower, filled with gifts like nice hand soap from Bath & Body Works or a gift card to Maidenform or Target.¬† Perhaps a nice bath rug or framed picture.¬† Which is cool, too.¬† That’s how I roll.

Let’s see, what else… Ah. Reception entertainment.¬† Now, we haven’t necessarily nixed this concept altogether.¬† I’m actually throwing around the idea of hosting an drum circle for the So-tah (southern Utah) reception, inviting all of J.D.’s percussion friends and letting them have at it with their djembes. Which I probably didn’t spell right.¬† Other than that, there will be plenty of children running around to keep everyone entertained.¬† I think we’ll have a table for them, though, with coloring books and games so they’re not SO all-over-the-place.¬† Haven’t decided if we’ll do much dancing.¬† I can’t say I’m really INto the whole Utah dance thing… I still have memories of those awkward middle school “dances” (which I ended up calling “stands” because that’s really all it was–standing, perhaps swaying, and doing a lot of perspiring) and remain jaded.¬† Oh, and church dances.¬† Those were relatively similar.¬† I was never really into the whole standing and swaying thing.¬† I just ended up talking a lot and being three times my awkward self.¬† I don’t think I ever talked so much in my life than I did when I was swaying awkwardly in tandem with a young man who was far more adept at keeping his mouth shut than I was.

Probably why I went to prom with my 11-year-old brother…¬† But hey.¬† J.D. loves me for it. ūüôā

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Exceptional Picture of the Week

Okay, here it is.

Funny room

This picture is in honor of the question “do actual socially awkward/obnoxious/completely unfunny¬†people KNOW that they’re socially awkward/obnoxious/completely unfunny?”¬† The answer is NO because of a little thing we like to call the “courtesy laugh.”¬† This “courtesy laugh” is an epidemic of monstrous proportions that should be stopped!¬† We are creating a sub-society of people with absolutely no sense of humor who have been misled by the general populace that they have a wild sense of humor!¬† Now, you may ask, “what exactly defines a ‘courtesy laugh’?”¬† A courtesy laugh is that little chuckle given when somebody says something obviously meant to be funny, but in all reality, it’s about as funny as¬†that stray piece of blue lint on my carpet.¬† It is given in order to make the other person “feel good about themselves.”¬† But someday down the line in their life, after years and years of courtesy laughs they will realize how unfunny they are, and they will hate you for never telling them that THEY ARE NOT FUNNY.¬† And frankly, I am led to wonder the same thing… Has everyone just giving me courtesy laughs through my whole life??¬† Am I really THAT funny??¬† So please, follow your heart and abstain from the courtesy laugh.¬† For the rest of us.

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