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We are Shallow Musicians, and Appearance is all that Matters


It does exist.  Believe me.  And it gets even stranger.

Being a music major, I have very little time to have a real job, so I have thus settled into to job of “choral librarian.”  This job entails going through very old, and some very odd peices of music.  I have come accross such classics and “The Aria of Life” and “Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries” (which even after reading the text, we still couldn’t quite figure out how life is like a bowl of cherries.  Oh well!  It’s the berries!).  I feel like buring my hands every day after work, for I have no idea how old some of that music is and where it’s been.

Of course, i really do have a point to this post — a specific thing I would like to rant about that has little to do with actual music.  It’s ROMAN NUMERALS.  Specifically, music publishers who write the music’s copyright date in them.  Part of my job is cataloguing all of the music currently in the possession of the Southern Utah University choral department, which includes the copyright date and publisher.  I have gotten through approximately 180 pieces of music thus far, and about half of them I will have to go through later and translate the roman numerals to actual numbers to make the database look nice.

My question is, why do they do it?  It uses up more space, more ink, and more brain power.  Shawnee Music Inc. and Carl Fischer publishers are the worst culprits that immediately come to mind, which is odd because some of the oddest pieces of music I’ve found have come from them.  Perhaps they just want to improve the overall look of the music by making it look “more smart” with fancy roman numerals.

Oh well.  All in all, I don’t look forward to the task.  And 180 peices of music databased, and I still have half the wall, another wall, and another entire room to catalogue.

And I’ve never been so excited about boxes — We recently bought a bunch of boxes to store all the choir music in instead of icky folders that the music falls out of anyway.  They’re Pretty.


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