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Attention Utah: QUEEN is not the only classic rock band EVER.

It has recently come to my attention during a long drive home from a singing competition in Las Vegas that many people claim themselves to be fans of classic rock when, in fact, they are merely fans of the now classic-rock band “Queen.”  I must admit that their music IS very good in its own right, but frankly, it is not all that is available in this genre.  Now, I am not saying that I am a crazy classic rock fanatic — I cannot tell you exactly which songs came from which band and from what album and what year etc.  In fact, I am not even listening to classic rock right now — I am listening to “Celtic Women,” who sing rather lovely art songs, such as “Danny Boy” and “May it Be.”  But I do frequent the local classic rock station and have discovered an entirely new world of awesomeness.

I grew up in a home where I was vaguely aware of the classic rock genre.  My father was, in his earlier years, a real “rocker,” drumming in bands, wearing sweatbands, and buying tapes of all his favorite bands.  My mother, in all her wonderful grace swiftly calmed that down and brought out the  lovable piano and singing guy that was also in there.  But of course, he still had his tapes, and when we came along, he, as any good father would do, shared his past with us.  IRONICALLY, the first band I actually recall from these random sessions of ‘past-sharing’ is NOT Queen, but it is a remarkable band called ToTo, specifically the song “Home of the Brave,” which I enjoyed very much in my youth and insisted my dad play it for me numerous times after the initial playing.

I was later introduced to the wonder that is Rush.  Of course, I was never as crazy as my older brother is about them.  He currently owns every single album, and maybe even every book about them.  Yes.  He did go a little crazy.  And frankly, I was nearly sick of them.  But, now that he has gone on his mission (he sent me a picture of himself standing under the Rush Avenue signpost), I am finding that I miss the uniquely un-dulcet tones of the very ugly man, Geddy Lee (or something like that) and the insane drumming the the ultimate drummer, Neil Pert.  I will most definitely have to bring some Rush back down here after spring break.

My true immersion into loving classic rock was realized with the development of the life-altering game, Guitar Hero.  The first game, of course, has countless alternative “tunes” being sung by winy pizza-faced, emo, screamo, angry, angsty teenaged boys and very few classic rock songs, but the second in the series has many great classics that frankly will never go out of style.  This was one of the last games I played before I came down the college in Cedar City and realized that I could no longer find any of my usual alternative stations that play such songs as those from Colbie Caillat, The Fray, Fallout Boy, and other more recent bands.  It was then that I came upon the local classic rock station. 

My dial hasn’t moved since.

I must admit, though, that it is always a treat when I hear some good ol’ Queen (which I was introduced to soon after ToTo), but it is played rather sparsely.  I don’t mean to alarm you, but they have played songs THAT I HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE.  And that’s awesome.  Hearing new music that is actually old is like finding the bones of an undiscovered dinosoaur.

But don’t worry Dad.  I don’t think you’re as old as the dinosaurs.



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