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The difference between me and… Others.

Yes, I am still in the planning stages of this wedding.  Yes, my engagement has lasted this long.  And yes, I do live in Utah.  You’d think I’d have it all done by now?  Actually, you’d think I would have had it done by the time I was 18.  Well, I don’t, and I didn’t.  How many days until the big day? 35.  Yes.  Just over a month.  Now, an acquaintance of mine recently got engaged (to my ex who recently returned from a mission in December, which is… Ahem… Awesome.)  So, I’ve found it humorous to play some comparison games.  Because I’m like that.

Me: Brunette, short hair, like to wear men’s cargo shorts and read science fiction, 21.

Her: Blonde, long hair, likes to wear dresses and flowers, probably reads books by the guy who wrote “Charly,” 18

Her: Dated him for… Something like… Maybe three months? That might be pushing it.

Me: Dated him for… Something like… fourteen months.

Her: Engaged April 24

Me: Engaged February 12

Her: Hand felt like a museum piece first day back at school after engagement.

Me: Had fill-in ring first day back at school after engagement, just wanted to eat m&ms all day and not tell anybody–waited for people to notice my new jewelry.  The (very) reluctant attention hog.

Her: Considering elopement on April 28th

Me: Considering elopement now, because I only have 35 days left to make all this stuff for my wedding.

Her: Engagement photos done May 3rd (that’s only one and half weeks following the engagement)

Me: Engagement photos done April 10th (I think)– Two months after the engagement. Wow, slow.

Me: Engagement photos outfit: Jeans, Shirt from the D.I., and my boots of AWESOME.

Her: Pretty dress.

Me: Engagement photos: Park, messing around, and a giant pipe.

Her: Engagement photos: Trees, hay bales, and a tractor.

(My roommate is also getting married.  She was very adamant about doing her photos up at some national park.  I think that is boring.  “Stand next to this tree and smile.  Stand next to that shrub and smile.  Walk down that path holding hands and smile.” Ours were more like, “Hey, let’s go play on the swings!  Let’s ride these dolphins!  Let’s climb this wall!  Let’s see if we can both fit down this slide!”  Yep.  Much more fun.)

Her: Grateful for girl’s nights in the midst of “crazy wedding planning” (hint, her date is in August–it’s not crazy yet, dear)

Me: Grateful to be able to eat nachos and watch Bones/America’s Next Top Model/The Office by myself to relax from “wedding plans.” (AKA doing homework and letting my mom and future mother-in-law stress while I take “brain breaks” from said homework.  Also grateful that I at least finished planning the middle school band festival.  That was a higher priority than the wedding.)

Anyway, I’m a terrible Utahn/bride.  Dating for more than a year??  Procrastinating wedding plans???  Not including some shade of pink or purple in my wedding colors??? (BTW my colors are green, white, and gold)  No hay bales??? No matching denim?????  No hair extensions (might even cut hair back to a pixie)?????  Man!  What is MY problem??  Heck, I may even add a drum circle to my reception entertainment, just to let people know how TOTALLY wack-o I am!

Also, if I hear the phrase “It’s your day, do what YOU want!” I might throw up.  My favorite, though, is, “It’s YOUR day, do what YOU want!  But you’re GOING to want this!” I’m perfectly content letting J.D.’s mother do as much as she wants.  I have no idea what’s going on for the luncheon, but she apparently has it completely under control.  Thank heaven for mothers.

But… I am really, REALLY excited. 🙂

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