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This blows, dude

For those who live in this state of Utah, it may come as a surprise to find out that it is, in fact, March.  Yes, it has been spring for a good two or three weeks now.  Of course, we would never know, because it’s snowed at least fifteen times in the past “spring” time.  What makes it worse in my area is one thing — WIND.  And this is no normal wind.  This is wind where you can look out one window in your house and it will be blowing one direction, and you can look directly across the room out another window and it will be blowing in entirely the opposite direction.  Perhaps even blowing up.  Or straight sideways.

This vortex of wind creates a very interesting (and rather painful) phenomenon known as NO MATTER WHICH WAY YOU’RE WALKING, THE SNOW IS ALWAYS BLOWING STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE.  Well.  My face.  I don’t know about everybody else, but that’s what it does to me.  However, today, as it is not snowing, it is more often blowing sideways, which i am perfectly okay with as long as I’m not wearing a backpack.

Wearing a backpack in this wind is another story.  I am not the largest person, nor the most grounded (both mentally and physically), and have nearly been knocked over by this wind on many occasions.  I don’t have the smallest backpack (as I am quite an over-achiever and have many books in my backpack along with my heavier-than-rocks laptop [which I am so grateful for anyway!]) and this broad, sail-like side is not conducive to staying upright in a windstorm.

Moral of the story, I want spring to be here.  I’m really okay with the wind, as long as it’s warm.  But it’s not really all that warm today, and I am sad.


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