The Semi-annual stuff-your-face fest

It’s that time again — When you’re counting down the days until the next school break, you brain having shut off the Monday before the actual break began.  You teachers are complaining that the break isn’t until NEXT week, but you’re still shutting down and halfway packed by Wednesday.  The current upcoming break is none other than spring break, but this also applies to all breaks of at least a week in duration.

Now, as you go about packing and getting ready to leave, you realize that you have a lot of food in your apartment that you will be leaving behind and has the potential to go bad while you are away to cause your entire apartment to reek for days and days.  So as for myself and my roommates, we do what is called the “semi-annual stuff-your-face fest” (so dubbed by me as I was writing this).  Usually, it’s all of us trying to eat our leftovers, finish up our milk and juice, etc. etc.  It’s usually not a big problem…

This year, it’s all up to me.  Both of my roommates have left early and left me not only with the remaning dishes to put away and trash to take out, I am left with half a gallon of milk, a small tub of mini-muffins (which I’m working on as I write this), my roommate’s leftover tuna helper (which she tried to eat last night, but just couldn’t bring herself to do it), 3/4 a loaf of bread, a package of shredded cheese, three bananas, an apple, and a can of spaghetti sauce.

So, what am I to do?  Stuff my face, of course!  I can’t just waste all that food!  Except the tuna helper, i think I’ll skip that.  Sorry Jordan!  I know there are starving children in China…

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    The Dad said,

    Some of that will make good snacks for driving. Not the tuna helper of course.

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