Dear Facefriend (12?)

Dearest Facebook friend,

I just wanted to let you know that I found your house on Google maps! I didn’t know you had a pool! Is that your parent’s car in the driveway? It might not have been, some of the satellite pictures are a little old, and they’ve only lived there a few years. Oh, and I found the Arby’s that you work at! And your old elementary school! That was a really small building, but I suppose in such a small area…

Speaking of which, I joined the group created for your elementary school, even though I didn’t go to your elementary school. I just wanted to see who you associated with in your formative years, and it’s fun to see you talking with some of your old pals again!

But hey, back to google maps — Did you know that you can do a street view, where it’s like you’re actually driving down the street? Yeah! It’s totally cool! They hadn’t driven down your street directly, but there’s one view where I can kind of see your house, I’m guessing.

But anyway, sorry I’ve lost touch a bit — I HAVE been a little put out by the fact that YOU haven’t logged on in a while.

Your BFF,


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    The Dad said,

    Wonderful. It’s good to have you back online.

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