Dear Facefriend (are we up to 10?)

Dearest Facebook friend,

I feel so bad for having neglected you for so long on Facebook!  But at least I’ve been able to text you, although you have yet to reply to any of my messages.  I guess you’re still pretty busy.  And I’ll bet you’ve been pretty busy texting your… “friend.”

I saw that you did the “twenty-five things about me” thing.  I got tagged in one of those, but I didn’t want all of these personal facts splattered all over the internet.  I would be totally creeped out if somebody read it!

I was a little disappointed that you took some of your older pictures off of Facebook.  But I guess you’re just doing some cleaning up.  It’s okay, though, I have most of them saved on my computer anyway.

So you got a new job working at Arby’s?  That’s so exciting!  I was so excited when I found out that I went straight to the nearest Arby’s and got myself a sandwich!  I’m very happy for you.  It’s hard in this economy to find even the most menial job — I even tried applying at an Arby’s, but no no avail.  I guess we can’t work for the same company.

At least we have Facebook. 🙂

Love from your BFF,


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