Dear Facefriend (4)

Dear Facebook Friend,

I read your poems.  They were quite nice.

About your new “open relationship” partner… I don’t think they’re right for you.  For one,  your “What color is your aura” quiz states that you have a blue aura, which, according to the writers of the quiz, the blue personality type is not compatable with the orange aura color, which, as fate would have it, is the same color that your “open relationship” has.

I also feel compelled to inform you that, within the past two weeks, they have gone from number three best catch amongst their friends to far below ten!

I’d feel bad if you got hurt again.  I felt it my duty as your friend to inform you of this sad fact.

And just as a sidenote, I tagged you in a few of your friends’ photos that you weren’t tagged in yet.


Love from your BFF,


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