Dear Facefriend

Dear Facebook friend,

I am stalkbooking you.

Yes you.

Right this very moment.

Why, you ask?

Because that’s what friends do.  Even though I know nothing more about you than your name and that we attended the same high school or just so happen to be going to the same college, we are friends.

Best friends.

But you still ask why?

Because I am bored, and since friends to fun things together when they are bored, I just figured that I could look at all of your pictures of you doing crazy things with your friends, whether I know them or not.  So in essence, I am making new friends by also stalkbooking your friends.

And now you ask why I am bored?

Because I have no friends because spend all my time on Facebook with you.

Yes, you.

Like right now.

Love from your BFF,


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