Shameless Plugging…

As I have no alternative means of advertising my blog other than using every tag possible so my blog will turn up on every random search (see previous post on how my blog seems to have been found through various search engines), I find myself plugging mentions of this little site in every day conversation as often as possible.

As it is, well, nothing great, and nothing beyond perhaps sixty posts, 4,000 hits, and the most popular post being nothing but a list of 50 things to do with bobby pins — nothing to rival the great “Sneeze,”– I often walk away from these conversations ashamed at my naiveity (naievity, Nai-eh-vih-tee) and unfounded pride in “this here establishment of word-processing.”

Thus, I bring you this wonderful demotivator and end this here, for I have not posted in a while and I must sleep now, for the morning comes quickly on days when I have piano class II at 8:00 in the morning.


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