The German Folk…

I recently got a pingback comment concerning my latest post in relation to Yu-Gi-Oh.  I left it there for all to see, but it was apparently written by some German kid with a strange fascination with Yu-Gi-Oh, possibly unhealthy.  But, as I know little German beyond pronunciation to sing, but I was still curious as to what this stranger was writing about, I used the wonderful babel fish, and this is what I got…


I had straight schmunzeln (Whatever THAT is…) over this article of amandelia with the title What more ever happened ton the Good old Days It tells of one Saturday, on which it (I’m an it. Ha ha awesome.  Literal translation, btw.  Very literal) saw an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and at it was surprised that at all no more characters seemed old to her from the well-known Yu-Gi-Oh series, which it in recent years saw. No Tea Gardner, no Yami Yugi/Yugi Muto, no Seto Kaiba. Therefore amandelia the question arose whether it became old, because everything changed in Yu-Gi-Oh. Fortunately she does not know the fact that GX is already again old was overhauled and by YGO 5Ds There’s no telling what tomorrow will bring evenly really fast:

– New players (Pokitos,…) dip on in YGO on-line ones

– Old persons players sell their accounts and stop

– New ones of clan develop

– Old persons of clan dissolve (I’ve got no idea what he’s talking about anymore. Unhealthy obsession, maybe?)

– New boosters appear

– New ones rules are introduced (Synchros, 5Ds)

– New Banned lists appears

– YGO on-line one 1 does not give ‘ s any longer

– YGO on-line one 2 is perhaps already soon history

– YGO on-line one 3 is already developed and published soon?

– YGO forums/homepages disappear

– New forums/homepages develop

– Map values rise

– Maps suddenly cancelled by new Events

Everything in constant change… ”

Oh, Nur Wer die Sehnsucht kennt!  Ha ha I’ll just start throwing in lines from my German songs…

Gutten Nacht, mein kind!

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