What ever happened to the Good Old Days?

I was quite put-off the other day when I lazilly awoke on a Saturday morning and instead of getting up to relieve my bladder, brush my teeth, or fill my stomach, I instead decided that it would be a great idea to turn on the Saturday morning cartoons (which now run very LATE into the morning).  To my joy, on next was one of my very favorite shows from my younger years, “Yu-Gi-Oh.”

I admit, I was quite enamored with this anime show in my late elementary school and Jr. High years, as well as the very concept of anime and anything to do with Japan.  Of course, this episode was abruptly cut off with the onslaught of my “emo semester” during which I learned what it was to be a “well-rounded” and cynical teenager, and that anime, was not in fact, accepted by the general populace as an acceptable obsession.  But that’s beside the point.

To my disdain, they seem to have decided that the staple, main character, and NAMESAKE of the show has been instead replaced with some kind of lame-sauce chouvenistic man-children going to school to learn how to play the card game that is the main concept of the show.  There was not mention of Yu-Gi-Oh, or any of my favorite characters from the show.  I was rather peeved.

But alas, I kept on watching.  I don’t know why.  The laziness, I suppose.  I watched for an entire hour.  And I felt old.  I bet you now kids are watching this and have no idea who Yu-Gi-Oh is.  Or Ash, I bet they did away with him, too, from Pokemon.  You know you’re getting old when you’re watching a cartoon reminiscing about previous characters that the rising generation of youth haven’t even heard of.  I know I’m still young, comparatively, but I’m using the phrase, “when I was young,” with increasing frequency.

Do over?


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    […] What ever happened to the Good Old Days […]

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    Benson said,

    I was reading over all the blogs I haven’t read of yours, and You are so right! You’re not old. The people that make cartoons just have absolutely nowhere else to go with their good-old TV shows, so they’ve made entirely different plots and characters. It rediculous really. Just come up with something different… Seriosuly…

    Oh, and Ash is still the star of Poke’mon. (But I think Poke’mon got cancelled. They had run out of ideas, and so ash, Brock, and may went back to kanto. Which, all of the sudden, has pokemon from all of the regions. *Sigh*)

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