What Not to Do with My Free Time

I seem to have a lot of free time.

Well, actually, I don’t.  I have very little of that.  Between school, work (choral library), homework, practicing, and watching the stranges movies I can find with my boyfriend, I have very little time to just myself.  But it seems like I have too much of it, which is why I am at such a crossroads about how exactly I feel about the whole free time thing.

I suppose I find it such a confusing thing because when I get it, it’s quite a profound thing and quite frankly, I have no idea what to do with myself.  Although, I seem not to have a huge problem with it late at night when I should be sleeping, as I seem to watch the most YouTube between the hours of 10 and 12 PM.  In fact, I have now watched the entire season 2 of “Shear Genius” on YouTube, and I am entirely caught up on this season’s “Project Runway.”

It is in this situation I find myself right now.  I have many options, but instead sit here on my computer and write about my options instead of actually acting on them.

I could clean my room.  It has turned into a graveyard of old junk mail and remains of the boxes all of my textbooks came in, as well as shoes and a box of Oreos.

I could fix my bike, which has decided that it and the chain are not good friends anymore.

I could work on an essay that isn’t due for another few weeks about Ralph Vaughan Williams, which is actually pronounced “Raif” Vaughan Williams, which I did not know until I mentioned the name to Tyler, naively pronouncing it “Ralph,” to which he smugly replied,”It’s actually pronounce ‘raif’ Vaughan Williams.  He’s a VERY famous composer.” (quotation should be reproduced with a snooty accent, upturned nose, and a raised pinky for the full effect).  But I suppose I’m very grateful for the correction, as the report is not only a written report, it is also an oral report, and my internet sources, nor anywhere else, tells you how exactly it’s pronounced, I guess it’s just one of those common knowledge things that everyone supposes everyone should know.  Go figure.

Or I could be playing my roommate’s new Wii.  She got two games, Metroid Prime and Super Smash Brothers.  I feel bad for her boyfriend though, all she does when he comes over is play Metroid Prime, and he just gets to sit there and watch.  He claims he enjoys it, and I guess I understand.  That’s the reason I’ve never beaten a video game before because I would spend hours just watching my brothers beat games, so I never felt it necessary to beat them myself when I could just watch the ending sequences when they got through with their games.

Or I could sit here and refresh my facebook page for the next hour like I’ve been doing for the past hour.

That’s always fun.

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  1. 1

    Tyler said,

    I did not say it snoody-like, just in a way of correction, and why am I only mentioned in bad ways on this blog?

  2. 2

    amandelia said,

    You are not! We watch movies! That’s good! Weird ones! 😀

  3. 3

    Tyler said,

    and the snoody factor? What of that? How about a blog all about how wonderful your boyfriend is lol 🙂

  4. 4

    amandelia said,

    lol my family has to read this blog, too! Including my brothers! We can’t have them thinking that you’re a nice person and stuff! lol

  5. 5

    SUUguy said,

    I get that same feeling about free time. It seems like the only time I have to putter around on my computer is at 11:00 at night. Your room could probably be worse, though- you could be stuck in Juniper like me and forced to put cinder blocks under your bed from lack of space. 🙂

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