So terribly sorry…

I’m not dead!  I sincerely apologize for my recent blogging laziness.  I cannot say that I had little time to blog, nor can I say that I couldn’t think of anything to blog about.  I had plenty of time to myself over the summer, but instead of using my ample free time to stimulate my and your minds with my mindless blogging, I decided instead to spend countless hours staring at my facebook page and watching So You Think You Can Dance (yay for Joshua!).

But, now that the school year again is about to commence and I will have even less free time (20 credit hours and job will do that), I will most definitely begin writing again, and hopefully finish up the follow up to the MS ride, which I am already halfway done with as of the week after.  I figure that my brain was just really lazy over the summer and my writing style was entirely compromised in the summery stupor of things, so with some good musical (all of my classes are music classes this semester) brain stimulation, I hope to rebuild my IQ and grammatical, syntaxical, and creativical skills from the aformentioned slump of productive thought processes.

Have a lovely day and I will be writing to you few readers again shortly.

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