Epicity in the Workplace

So, I got my job back at Dragon Hill.  Of course, none of you really know what that entails.

Dragon Hill is a very popular, very small Chinese place in my neighborhood.  Their food is very, very good. I began working there my Senior year in high school.  I had to quit when I went down to school, but now that I’m back for the summer, since they missed me so much, they gave me my job back for the summer.  I can’t complain.

Oh wait, of course I can!  That’s what us people in the food biz do!

My main concern about working there is that everyone working there is Chinese.  At least, while I’m working.  Their accents are as thick as lead.  It is very, very difficult to keep a conversation going with them.  For instance, talking movies.  It took me a full minute to figure out that my co-working was trying to say “Transformers.”  We kind of gave up trying to talk about movies after I took a full minute of “what”-ing to figure out that one.  And then he attempted to ask what my career was going to be, but, as the word “career” is chock full of r’s, it took me a few tries, again, to figure out that he was saying “career.”

I feel bad for the people whose orders he takes.  Goodness gracious…

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