A Lesson Learned

I have a problem.

A problem with people who try to use an accent that they are not proficient at.

I have an even bigger problem when people are in a play about a dialect and fail to use the dialect that defines their character.

I have an even more monstrous problem when I am charged eleven dollars to watch these people try and fail at using a very distinct dialect.  Especially when it is such a well-known and well-loved show such as “My Fair Lady.”  In the event that you have never seen this blessed show, and are unfamiliar with the plot, here is this from the lovely Wikipedia…

“Henry Higgins, an arrogant, irascible professor of phonetics, boasts to fellow linguist Colonel Pickering that he can train any woman to speak so properly that he could pass her off as a duchess. Pickering is intrigued by Higgins’s boast and wagers that Higgins cannot make good on his claim. Higgins takes on the challenge. He chooses as his subject Eliza Doolittle, a poor girl with a strong Cockney accent whom he encounters selling flowers in Covent Garden. An intensive makeover of Eliza’s speech, manners, and dress begins in preparation for her appearance at the Embassy Ball.”

Anyway, do not ever see this show unless you know the actors are getting paid, because that means that they also  know how to use an accent and not slip in and out of it.  If they didn’t, they would be fired. They can’t do that to volunteers.  It would hurt their feelings.

I want my money back.

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    Tyler said,

    you should write wikipedia and tell them that they spelled dutchess wrong

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