Petitions and Cold Water

Lukewarm or cold showers are no fun.  Us girls in Manzanita C-6 have great experience with both of these.  Our shower frequently decides to rebel and allow us no semblance of warmth.  Of course, all of the other sinks have plenty of hot water.  But, the shower, I guess, is hitting alzheimers in its last year of existence and forgets that people like hot water in their shower.  This happens quite frequently.

But now, our shower seems to have influenced the hot water in the rest of the building to stop having hot water.  Now they feel our pain.  There are numerous accounts of water rebellion posted on the door of our RA who will only do something when it affects her personally.  It really is a pity that the water couldn’t wait to rebel until the its final days, when the building it inhabits will to mercilessly torn down in the name of improving the campus.

Such a pity.


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