Exceptional Picture of the Week

Okay, here it is.

Funny room

This picture is in honor of the question “do actual socially awkward/obnoxious/completely unfunny people KNOW that they’re socially awkward/obnoxious/completely unfunny?”  The answer is NO because of a little thing we like to call the “courtesy laugh.”  This “courtesy laugh” is an epidemic of monstrous proportions that should be stopped!  We are creating a sub-society of people with absolutely no sense of humor who have been misled by the general populace that they have a wild sense of humor!  Now, you may ask, “what exactly defines a ‘courtesy laugh’?”  A courtesy laugh is that little chuckle given when somebody says something obviously meant to be funny, but in all reality, it’s about as funny as that stray piece of blue lint on my carpet.  It is given in order to make the other person “feel good about themselves.”  But someday down the line in their life, after years and years of courtesy laughs they will realize how unfunny they are, and they will hate you for never telling them that THEY ARE NOT FUNNY.  And frankly, I am led to wonder the same thing… Has everyone just giving me courtesy laughs through my whole life??  Am I really THAT funny??  So please, follow your heart and abstain from the courtesy laugh.  For the rest of us.

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